Provided your oder is still in process we can change your delivery address for you.  Please contact  us with your order number and updated address and we’ll correct that for you.

If the order has been shipped, there may still be a chance we can change it for you, however if we are not successful, we can request the order to be returned to us and a new shipment can be booked in.  Please note that this process will attract a reshipping surchage

By default all deliveries will required a signature.

If you are happy for your parcel to be left in a safe place please add a note in the order comment section in the shopping cart.

The note should say:

“Authority to leave in a safe place”

Please note that by requesting ‘Authority to Leave’ will void any insurance on the delivery with the couriers, so we do highly recommend to choose an address you know that you will be at during weekdays from 9am-5pm

Yes once your order has been completed and packaged, we will send you an email with the tracking number and courier service used. 

You ay also receive SMS or Email Tracking notifications from the couriers directly,

Please allow up to 1 business day for the tracking to become active

As the majority of our products are made to order based on customer specifications we do have restrictions on when and what can be changed/returned.

Change of Mind/Mistake – While Order is in ‘Process’

If you change your mind or made a mistake, and your order is still in process, generally we’ll be able to make the required adjustments.  Please let us know as quickly as possible for any changes or corrections to your order so we can ensure these changes are made before production.

If the order is partway through production we will put the order on hold and notify you of any cots based on how much of the production has already been completed.

Change of Mind/Mistake – Order Shipped or Delivered

Unfortunately we cannot make any changes or accept returns for items that are already shipped, in transit or have been received.  

The first step is to email us within 24 hours of receiving the package, please include the following

Order Number:

Description of Damage/Defect:

Attached images of Damage/Defect:

Please keep the damaged or defective goods and the packaging as they may need to be collected by the courier for an insurance assessment. 

Minor Damage/Defect*

If you receive an item with minor damage we will offer you a free repair or replacement for the damaged component(s)

Major Damage/Defect*

If you receive an item with major damage will will offer you a full replacement of the damaged item or you may request a full refund.

Glass Damage/Defect

If the only component that has been damaged is the glass, we will offer a free upgrade to a sheet of acrylic plexiglass as a replacement as glass cannot be shipped alone.

The acrylic sheets come with the following benefits:

  • Extremely durable, very low risk of breakage in transit
  • Lighter, easier to hang
  • Easier to handle (less risk of breakage when inserting an image)
  • 94% UV Resistant, protects prints from fading
  • No visible difference between acrylic and glass
  • Framing grade quality, will not fade or become cloudy

Alternatively we can refund the price paid for the glass component and you can source a sheet locally, please not that we can only refund our price charged for the glass and cannot cover the difference in price for local replacements.

*Please note our definitions of Minor and Major Damage are as follows

Minor Damage/Defect: Damage or manufacturing defects that has occurred to easily replaceable components, for example glass being cracked or a chip in the frame.

Major Damage/Defect: Damage or manufacturing defects that has occurred to the majority of components, or damage that has occurred to the product/components that are not easily repaired or replaced.

We’ll do our best to quickly and efficiently resolve any issues with damage in transit or manufacturing faults.

It can take up to 1 business day for the tracking number to become active

If you are experiencing trouble with tracking your order after this time please contact us