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Dark Print, Fine Art Print, White Frame

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Abstract Landscape - The Polders



Great small print with lots going on but in an organised way.  This is a picture that uses line, shape and colour to express distance.  It has references to sailing and the familiar landscape feature of seeing a horizon with a low lying range.  Those that are familiar with the Dutch vocabulary will know what the polders mean.  The term describes land that is flat and once below sea level.  It was inspired by the land around central Holland between the villages of Alphen and Boskoop.  Here you will find the polders where the land was once under sea level.  The land is made up of a many small narrow water channels that divide the land like a tapestry.  There are no fences, and every now and then you will find small arched bridges.

The art print comes from an oil painting that hangs in the home looking out on the Rijn River in Boskoop.