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Brushed Frame, Dark Frame, Timber Frame, Paper

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Tranquil Art Print - Depth



Depth is a tranquil abstract art print composed of square shapes.   The use of limited colour, such as pale blue, white and black, expresses a peaceful or tranquil feel.  Marc Rothko, an American ‘Colourfield Abstract’ painter during the mid 20th century painted many paintings based on the square.  His squares were made up of flat matte colour bands and his preferred colour combination was maroon and black . Piet Mondrian, also used squares, but these were of sharp black lines bordering mostly pure colours of yellow, blue and red.  Within the art print titled ‘Depth’ you see fine lines, pockets of small intense colour.  If you look through the gallery pictures there are close up images that show you these hidden colours.   This is where art printing is at it’s best describing the relief, edges, etching of lines as if they were really there. This art print works well framed or without a frame and hung on a feature wall.  Please see gallery for an example of it hung in a lounge room.